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Swaliga (Swah-lee-guh) Foundation's mission is to cultivate learning globally 
and inspire young people to connect their passion to successful careers.
"Engineering the Art of Education."
Train. Transform. Transcend.
 the Tribe.
the Tribe.
the Tribe.
Join us in the fight for educational advancement through STEAM education. 
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   The Swaliga (Swah-lee-guh) Foundation is Engineering the Art of Education. We are the Tribe, building future leaders through STEAM (STEM + Arts) Education and Entertainment. 
Join the Tribe today by supporting our effort, along with the Global Education Exchange Coalition (GEEC) to send young scholars from the U.S. to South Africa this summer 2018. We're working to raise enough funds for our youth by June. 

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Show your support for our Global Education Exchange trip to South Africa by attending the Swaliga Foundation Gala.
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