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The Swaliga Foundation firmly believes in its S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) initiative and its proven methodology and pedagogy to supplement the STEM education that our students currently receive through public instruction, while working to address the ever growing need in the communities that we are engaged in. Through the integration of technology to deliver curriculum, participants will learn essential 21st century technology skills while broadening their scientific knowledge, exploring their passions and becoming inspired for future education and career choices. 

For over four years, we have piloted a groundbreaking new program at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington known as #STEAMtheBlock. Countless hours have been spent to create and develop original curricula aimed at bridging the “Digital Divide” between young under served Americans and the rest of the world. In this program, technology education is seamlessly blended with artistic expression through activities such as digital sound production, cinematography, and digital photography to name a few; in order to encourage participants to consider a wider range of STEAM careers to pursue. 

Realizing that most of the students we serve will become a part of a global workforce full of careers that don’t even exist yet; Engineering technology is also a vital part of this curriculum as students are able to improve their critical thinking and problem solving abilities through engineering design exercises that require them to use science and math to create innovative solutions. This approach allows our students to familiarize themselves with state of the art hardware, and ensures that they are better prepared for the influx of new technology in the near future. 
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"The power of the arts and humanities to foster creativity in developing minds, to engage and motivate students in school and to prepare all children for productive futures is essential for the future of the nation’s cultural and economic life." - President Barack Obama